Financial Information

Each family may choose to register and pay for classes on a self-pay basis, have classes paid for by funding available through Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA), or select a combination of both self-pay and OVA funded classes.

    • All students (OVA and self pay) are responsible for providing student supplied resources as listed in our course catalog. 
    • Material Fees: $0 for all Classes
    • Lunch Fee: $0 for all Students
    • Volunteer Gap Hour: $0 for High School Students who qualify

    • Semester Registration Fee: $60 per student
    • Tuition Per Class Per Semester Per Student, up to 5 classes: $125 to $250 depending on class 
    • Tuition Per Class Per Semester Per Student, 6-10 RHG classes: $125 each

    • Semester Registration Fee: $0 (even if self paying for some classes) as long as 2 RHG classes are OVA funded.
    • Tuition Per Class Per Semester: OVA provides funding for up to 4 RHG classes per student, per semester for OVA students in grades K-12. OVA students who desire to do so may take additional classes on a self pay basis.
    • Tuition Per Class Per Semester Per Student, 6-10 RHG classes: $125 each