Class Structure and Expectations

RHG classes are typically highly interactive, cooperative, and hands-on. We believe the one "doing" is the one who is learning. We strive to engage students in active learning as much as possible. 


We've found that high quality classes, plus high expectations for behavior equal a happy group. Our students have fun while learning together and are expected be kind and respectful at all times when participating in RHG programs, classes, and/or events. In addition, any assigned homework is to be completed on time and to the best of a student's ability. 


RHG has minimum and maximum class sizes in order to optimize the learning experience for our students. These sizes vary depending on the age group of students and the particular class.

Academic and Enrichment Classes

​Both academic and enrichment classes are offered for grades K-12. 

Academic Classes are rigorous and intended to prepare students for the next level of learning. Most RHG classes are not titled by “core” names such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science, English, Social Studies, etc. However, our parents can and do use RHG classes to fulfill their own homeschool requirements on their parent created transcripts.

Enrichment classes are intended for fun exploration and to give students a chance to try something new. These classes are also designed as a way to balance student homework load within RHG. Enrichment classes typically have a light amount of homework, but are still content rich and valuable learning experiences for our students.